Why Self Care Is A Productivity Tool To Design A More Efficient Life with Lisa Zawrotny

about LISA

As a certified life coach specializing in productivity and organizing, Lisa helps her multi-tasking clients trade overwhelm for organized by decluttering their lives and designing customized routines and systems that honor their personalities and values. She takes a holistic approach to productivity coaching, incorporating professional organizing and positive mindset.

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A Practical Approach to Setting Boundaries with Your Family to Prioritize Your Time with Michelle McClintock

about michelle

Michelle is every woman, she’s a mom, a wife, a daughter, a crazy funny loyal friend, a nature lover, a yoga newbie,  and majorly happy kick ass Goddess.

She earned her Holistic Health Coaching Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She earned her Digestive Intensive Certification from Replenish PDX. She practices Reiki and is an Advanced Pranic Healer using prana, or energy, to clear and energize your chakras so you feel amazing! She’s also an NLP Practitioner with.

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Creating the Flexibility to Build Wealth on Your Own Terms with Faith Mitton

about faith

Faith Mitton is a trademark attorney who runs a virtual law firm based in New York City. She helps business coaches from all over the U.S. to stay visible by locking down their exclusive rights over the branded names, phrases, and designs that are essential to their coaching identity. When she's not helping entrepreneurs with  the complexities of trademarking their brands, you can find Faith enjoying local waterscapes or jamming to some cool bossa nova tunes.

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Overcoming The Resistance of Investing in Guidance Maximize Your Success with Miriam Smout

about miriam

I'm Miriam Smout founder of Redemption Mumma's, a place where women like you can be empowered, equipped and inspired to connect with their true, authentic beautiful selves. I have a passion and I'm on a mission to reclaim the meaning of the word beauty from the emphasis the world has placed on it, all about the external beauty of women, sexualised and fake to be about the true beauty that is there to be expressed within each one of us. I have been mentoring women over 15 years now helping  beautiful women just like you discover their true beauty. 

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