Break The Cycle of Being Stuck in Creation Mode

Enough is ENOUGH!

You told yourself that you would turn it up in your business this year.

But here it is April and you're still trying to figure things out on your own even though you KNOW you need help.

You told yourself you'd fully commit to showing up and doing the work.

But you can't seem to break the cycle of being in creation mode because self doubt and self sabotage creep in.

You told yourself that you'd launch that online course, group program or mastermind.

But you keep stalling to launch it because deep down inside you're a little terrified that it won't be good enough and no one will want it.

I understand.

I used to be where you are.

I thought my offers had to be "perfect".
I thought I didn't have enough experience.
I thought I needed the fancy tools and props to land clients.
I wasn't confident.
I was afraid of failure.
I was concerned what others thought if me.
I kept comparing my business with others.
I was afraid of rejection.

The truth is...

You are meant for more and deserve more.

You are capable of making your dreams come true.

You don't need anyone's permission to use your gifts to help people now.

You don't have to have everything figured out right now to experience amazing results.

People are actively looking for you to help them NOW.

You have the power to improve the quality of many people's lives NOW.

Here's the thing...

Never EVER put your eggs in one basket.

Diversify how you can help people and create multiple income streams in your business.

Make it EASY for people to buy from you NOW!

You can literally create an offer and launch it to the masses in 7 days or less.

It's time.

No more stalling.
No more standing in your own way.

If you would like the support, accountability and direction to finally take action, please keep reading.

I've decided to help you break the cycle of being in creation mode, package up an INCREDIBLE offer that won't take weeks to put together and bring in income BEFORE the end of the month.



What we're working on together:

✨PACKAGE & PRICE YOUR BRILLIANCE We'll take one of your brilliant ideas, package it up as an offer and price it to sell in 72 hours or less. Not just any offer. It will be one that you're excited about and will deliver great results.

✨EASY TO FOLLOW LAUNCH PLAN We'll design a launch plan to keep you organized and on track, so you'll know exactly what activities to focus on every single day.

✨SOUL ALIGNED SELLING WITHOUT THE SLEAZE You'll discover how to sell daily on social media without feeling sleazy or annoying. When you present your offers from a place of integrity, the right people pay attention and are eager to work with you. Plus, I'll help you create a high-converting promotional sales page from scratch.

✨CONSISTENTLY SHOW UP WITH MAGNETIC CONTENT Not sure what kind of content to share that speaks to the right people? We'll design a simple content strategy that will sell your offer and take the guesswork out of what kind of posts to create and share online.

✨FOCUS ON THE REAL WORK TO MAKE SALES ON DEMAND You'll know exactly what to focus on daily to consistently make money with a simple checklist. No more spending your precious time and money on the busy work.

✨REFRAME YOUR MINDSET I'll help you see past the lack of cash and remove any limiting beliefs around selling. It's time for you see the endless opportunities of how you can receive more clients and money.

✨ SET UP TECH & TOOLS If you're intimidated by what you'll need to promote your offer and get paid, no worries. I'll help you get the essentials set up and keep it simple.

One last thing…

This workshop isn't about you receiving millions of dollars overnight.

This is really about you getting a major confidence boost, getting in the habit of consistently asking for the sale and discovering who your buyers are.

You CAN do this. There's no better time than NOW.

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