Choosing To Live The Life You've Always Wanted & Deserve

Enjoying the great outdoors at Chatfield State Park in Colorado (June 2019)

I have a message of encouragement for you today. It may resonate with you or someone you know.

The beautiful thing about designing an incredible life for yourself is that you have the power to CHOOSE. I’m talking about choosing to live the life you’ve always wanted and deserve!

The truth is this...

You've ALWAYS had the power to choose how you live your life.

Maybe you haven't fully embraced your power because you're afraid of being judged, ridiculed or hated.

I totally understand.

I spent many years making choices that prevented me from stepping into my greatness. I spent a lot of my early years making choices that didn't really align with my soul.

Ugh, I was such a people pleaser. I’ll share more about that on another day.

One day I woke up and decided that I had to stop playing it small and do the things that light me up.

I stopped giving damn about what other people thought about me. I'm talking about the people who really didn't support my dreams. I'm talking about the people who never believed in my capabilities.

I couldn't take it anymore.

I just wanted to be ME.

If I'm going to be judged?

Oh well.

If I'm going to be ridiculed?

Here's my middle finger.

If I'm going to be hated?

I'm not losing sleep over it.

I experienced an awakening not too long after CHOOSING to live a life that's 100% mine and not a life others wanted me to live.

Do you know what happened?

💥 I unleashed my brilliance.

💥 I rediscovered my God given gifts.

💥 I attracted people who are absolutely AMAZING.

💥 I used my God given gifts to help others.

💥 I felt ALIVE!!!!

If you’re not fully embracing and CHOOSING to live the life you’ve always wanted and deserve, then the time is NOW to embrace that power inside you.

The time is NOW for you to hold nothing back.

The time is NOW for you to CHOOSE.

Choose the people, places and things that are in complete alignment with our ultimate vision for your life.

How you're going to CHOOSE to live your life the way you've ALWAYS wanted?

Always remember…

You deserve happiness, abundance, freedom and anything else your heart desires.💖

To Your Success,



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