How To Create Amazing DIY Video Content For Your Business

I remember the day when I took the plunge to create live video to increase my visibility on social media.

A client that I was working with at the time pulled me aside and asked me, “Stacie, why in the world are you not creating live videos to reach more people?”

With a nervous laugh, I admitted that creating videos was one of my worst nightmares. Just thinking about doing it gave me huge bouts of anxiety. You know what she told me?

“It’s NOT about you!”

We both laughed because it’s a phrase that I tell my clients and community all of the time.

She was right.

The next day I hosted my very first live video on Facebook.

Guess what?

It was awful BUT I actually wanted to create MORE!!!

Fast forward to today, video content has been responsible for tripling my income this year alone!

Even though it’s one of the smartest things you could do as an entrepreneur, I’m not saying that you should create live video. What I’m saying is that creating amazing video content is waaayyyy easier than you think.

Emily Frias co-hosted Monday’s episode of Mornings with Stacie. Emily is a professional video producer and the founder of Emily Frias Productions. She takes great pleasure in teaching entrepreneurs simple video skills to empower them in creating their own polished videos for online marketing.

We had an insightful conversation about the power of adding video content to your marketing strategy to expand your reach online.

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