Is It Possible To Go After Your Dreams & Raise A Family?

Photo by  Jon Tyson  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Is it possible to go after your dreams and raise a family? 

Is it possible to have both?

I remember a couple of months before I gave birth to Jordan in 2015, I was worried about how I was going to be able to maintain my business with a newborn.

Children change everything!

What I did NOT want is giving up on my dream of running a multiple six figure business using my gifts to help others while designing an incredible life that gives me time freedom and flexibility.

There are a lot of high achieving women who think they have to choose building their dreams or building their family. They believe that they can NOT have both.

This is a lie!

I almost fell for that lie when I wasn’t sure how I was going to raise Jordan and do the work that I love. Doing work that gave me the flexibility, freedom and income to design an incredible life for myself and my family. 

I realized that if I was having these concerns, then there must be other women around the world who are having similar concerns.

That realization was the catalyst to me organizing the first Ambitious Moms Summit in 2016 to help high achieving moms reignite their dreams & monetize their gifts doing the work they love. 

I share this with you because maybe you’re putting all of your time and energy into your family BUT feel like you could be doing more to achieve higher levels of success. 

If so, then I’m happy to announce that registration is open for the 3rd annual Ambitious Moms Summit.

This year’s online experience has brought together 30 incredible women entrepreneurs who are revealing their personal journeys and their expertise to help you reignite your dreams and monetize your gifts doing the work you love.

These ambitious women are revealing what has helped them stay focused on their vision to attract clients, make a positive impact and generate consistent income.

You’ll also get important insights and valuable tips about the following topics that have contributed to their success:

  • How To Overcome Mommy Guilt & Stay Focused On Your Vision For Your Business, Yourself and Your Family

  • Essential Mindset Practices To Overcome Impostor Syndrome & Anything Outside Your Comfort Zone

  • How To Design Support Systems Outside of Friends & Family To Accelerate Your Success

  • How To Successfully Grow Your Business While Working A Traditional 9-5 and Taking Care of Your Family

  • Brilliant Ways To Invest in Your Business & Yourself When Money is Less Plentiful During Different Stages of Your Business

  • And so much MORE!

I would love for you to join us. I have a complimentary virtual ticket with your name on it.

Register here:

If it wasn’t for me connecting with other high achieving women who have children and making a huge impact in people’s lives through their businesses, then I wouldn’t have known HOW it was possible for me to not sacrifice anything.

Always remember…

You deserve happiness, abundance, freedom and anything else your heart desires.💖

To Your Success,



The Ambitious Moms Summit is a mega annual online experience that has brought together 30 incredible women entrepreneurs who are revealing their personal journeys and their expertise to help you reignite your dreams and monetize your gifts doing the work you love.

Say ‘YES’ to yourself, live and speak your truth, be empowered, and build an amazing business around your family and dream lifestyle (even if you’re starting from ground zero and don’t have any strong connections in the entrepreneurial world)!


  • The day to day responsibilities of having a family has made it seem almost impossible to put yourself first and pursue your dreams.  

  • You’ve put yourself last for so long that you’ve convinced yourself that your dreams were meant to stay dreams and nothing more.

  • You've always wanted to quit that life draining day job that’s never going to give you the financial freedom you desire.

  • You’ve always dreamed about working when you want and where you want.

  • You’re sick of your children spending more time at daycare than they do at home.

  • You want to enjoy your life more and stop simply existing.

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