How to Build A QUALITY Email List of People Thrilled to Invest in Your Offers

Image Credit: @priscilladupreez via Unsplash

Image Credit: @priscilladupreez via Unsplash

Yes, I actually did it! I’m so elated about making five figures in 67 days by mastering Instagram!

You may be thinking,

“Stacie, how much of that dough went towards Instagram Ads?”

“Let me guess. You didn’t sleep, shower, eat, have a social life, ignored your family and were glued to Instagram for those 67 days.”

I did it without paid advertising or spending all day on the platform.

During the second quarter of this year, three people enrolled in my Breakthrough Your Barriers Program which is a $10K investment.

And five people enrolled in my self study courses ($297 or $497 investment) while I was unplugged from my business and camping with my family near the Rocky Mountains.

All eight of my clients and customers came from INSTAGRAM.

You can do the same or even BETTER!

Let me share some facts with you about how I was able to accomplish this HUGE Instagram milestone for my business.

FACT #1: I'm not an IG expert.

I do not consider myself an Instagram expert because I’ve only been using the platform for my business for a year and a half.

I got these results because I applied my exact same client attracting framework that I use on Facebook.

FACT #2: I don't have 100 million followers on Instagram.

Between both of my Instagram accounts, I have 5,000 followers.

I have a main business account and a secondary business account. My second account is for testing and tweaking my Instagram marketing strategy.

Both accounts have followers of high QUALITY.

Before I really understood IG and how to use it as a client magnet, I focused on the wrong things. Now, I focus on four specific things daily to attract clients/customers 24/7.

FACT #3: I didn't spend all day on Instagram to get those results.

My rule is to commit to a total of 1 hour a day on Instagram. This keeps me laser focused on getting the RIGHT work done in a short amount of time.

30 minutes to create content.

30 minutes to engage with my followers and relevant profiles.

I divide that hour throughout my day, so it’s not overwhelming to do work that produces results.

Two minutes here. Five minutes there. Very easy.

FACT #4: If I can create amazing results on Instagram, you can too. Even BETTER!

It's TRUE!

The clients and customers that I attract through Instagram isn’t luck. I do very specific things to achieve awesome results. I’m intentional and extremely committed to making Instagram a client magnet and money magnet for my business.

Are you ready to experience some amazing results on Instagram?

If you would like to know exactly what I did, then I encourage you to sign up for my free mini course Mastering Instagram.

This free mini course will help you develop a smart marketing strategy to attract clients/customers and increase your influence!

Always remember…

You deserve happiness, abundance, freedom and anything else your heart desires.💖

To Your Success,



Mastering Instagram will help you develop a smart marketing strategy to attract clients/customer and increase your influence!


▪Your following is below 2K.
▪You want to better understand how to use IG for your business.
▪You're a Coach, Consultant or Healer ready to attract a steady stream of clients/customers 24/7.

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