How To Monetize Your Passion with Nathalie Dorémieux

about Nathalie

Nathalie is the co-founder of New Software Marketing, together with her husband and business partner they help entrepreneurs design and build online courses and membership sites. As a marketing automation expert and Infusionsoft Certified partner Nathalie also coaches entrepreneurs on how to build audiences for their programs and sell to them. She also coaches coaches on how to go beyond 1 on 1 coaching and scale their coaching program by creating new revenue streams while impacting more people.

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Finding Love Within To Live A Life of Purpose with Stacey Rardin

about Stacey

I am a transformational Life Coach.  I stand for women in recovery loving themselves, supporting each other, and making healthy choices so that they can live a happy life they deserve!  I have recently learned a new way of thinking that has changed my entire life and has allowed me to 'love my true colors'.  If you are in recovery and are feeling depressed, lonely, and not able to make healthy choices, then it's time to start loving your true colors today.  You deserve to be happy!

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Increasing Your Self-Confidence To Show Up Boldly & Transform Lives with Jacqueline Harrison

about Jacqueline

Jacqueline Kaba-Harrison is a self-esteem and confidence coach for African American Women Entrepreneurs. She helps them create the Confidence, Stamina, Motivational Techniques and Accountability needed too consistently and boldly show up in their business!

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Why Taking Time Out for Yourself Accelerates Your with Success Skywalker Payne

about Skywalker

Skywalker Payne, founder of Vibrant Velvet Voice, is an author, entrepreneur, and storyteller. After living in several of the major cities in the USA, she and her husband, a comic artist, live in the hamlet by the sea, Homer, Alaska.  And I'm adding another photo, you choose which is best. 

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