The Conscious Evolution of Showing Up & Being Vulnerable with Kori Michelle

about KORi

Kori Michelle is a Wealth Consciousness & Personal Empowerment coach and intuitive who shows high vibe and high achieving entrepreneurs who are over-stressed, struggle with self doubt, and allowing themselves to FEEL the pleasure of the reward they work so hard for, how to reignite bonfire energy back into their business, significantly raise their income ceiling, and market themselves more enthusiastically so that they can finally have the time to enjoy their lives and live with more passion.

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Finding A Way to Do What You Love After Leaving A Traditional Career with Telese Hampton

about TELESe

My name is Telese Hampton and I am a personal development coach and speaker.  My back ground is in human resources where I coached and mentored employees about different situations they were faced with.  Now I’m using that experience to teach others about building a positive mindset and improving their lives.  My goal is to empower others, and to help them to fulfil their purpose.

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How To Get Back To The Place Where You Feel Vital Again with Erin Massengale

about ERIN

Erin Massengale is a Healer filled with wisdom, honesty, keen insight and a healthy serving of humor and sarcasm. She will keep you on your toes as she guides you through your health journey using ancient healing modalities which guide busy women to glowing health by replenishing their energy, restoring their spirit and enhancing bodily function. She is trained in Chronic Illness, infectious disease, metabolic disease and human microbiome therapies.

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Having The Courage to Pursue Your Dreams with Rynette Upson-Bush

about rYNETTE

Rynette Upson-Bush is the founder and CEO of Next Level Lifestyles International and Next Level Chicks. Her passion and adoration for helping people has moved her to chase her life’s calling to motivate, educate and empower people to walk in their purpose and reach their personal and professional best. Rynette has helped hundreds of youth and women tap into their purpose and calling through her gifts of motivation and empowerment.

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How To Thrive While Creating Unbreakable Bonds with Your Family with Sophia Makris

about Sophia

As a Certified Success Coach, Self Care & Relationship Strategist, Sophia helps mompreneurs build unbreakable family bonds. After she herself got lost in mompreneurship and disconnected from her family and herself while building her passion she noticed it did not serve her well. She committed to guide mompreneurs to stick to the basics of self love and deep connection with loved ones and as a result thrive in their business and in their life.

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