Restoring Your Life After Being Emotionally and Mentally Bankruptfeaturing cynthia martin

Cynthia Martin is a Christian Life Coach, Prophetic Teacher, and Mentor. She gets to help Christians who are bruised, broken or bound remove the obstacles so that they can pursue all that they were created to be.  Cynthia has 18+ years of pastoral counseling experience, she has worked on staff at local churches as a Singles Pastor and Counselor helping people realize their destiny.

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Listen To Your Body: Recognizing The Symptoms of Adrenal Fatiguefeaturing theresa fowler

Theresa Fowler is The Thought Shifter, author, mentor and self love goddess. In addition, after losing 100lbs and taking back responsibility for her own physical health at the age of 43, she qualified to work with the healing modalities of reflexology, reiki Seichem and Emotional Freedom Technique and through the process learned to release deep emotional traumas. This personal development has allowed her to open up to her intuitive capability, which has led her to help many others help themselves physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Her new mission is to inspire other heart-centered female entrepreneurs and soulpreneurs to overcome their self sabotage and feelings of fear, self-doubt, unworthiness and not-enough-ness so that they are inspired and motivated to embrace all that they are. So they feel confident in what they have to offer the world and serve themselves — and their clients — in a much bigger way.  

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