Carolyn is the founder and owner of Empowered Happiness. She is a kinesiologist, international author, speaker, meditation facilitator, coach and Angel Intuitive. She is passionate about helping others find real and lasting happiness and is especially passionate about helping those that have hit their rock bottom. Life is a journey and it’s in the journey that true happiness can be found. Connect with Carolyn on Facebook or Instagram


How Working with Intention Can Transform Your Life with Maria Vibandor Hayes

Maria is a bubbly, glowing momma with lots of love to give but don’t mistaken her kindness for anything but tough love. As the founder of Love Hayes LLC, her passion is coaching mom entrepreneurs so they can spend more time living and not just making a living. 

She is a total woo that uses her intuitive gifts for business advice and everyday shenanigans. More importantly she helps moms create a personalized process that helps them leave excuses behind for good and actually have a plan to go for their big dreams, so that they are living the life they have always wanted, making the income they deserve, the freedom to spend more time with their family, and have fun along the way. Connect with Maria on Facebook or Instagram


How To Reconnect with Your Body After Burnout with Katie De Jong

Formerly a Research Scientist & Corporate Consulting Engineer for almost 15 years, Katie now dedicates her time to helping professionals lead an inspired and fulfilled working life, so they can make a difference doing work they love. She is co-author of the #1 International Bestselling Anthology The Art of Unlearning - Conscious Choices for Empowered Living. To find out more about Katie's work, please go to Connect with Maria on Facebook or Instagram