How To Protect What Influences Your Mindset with Amy Remark

about amy

I write copy for mission-based entrepreneurs because a clear, well-researched, message is key to business growth. Through words, I get you connected with clients who can’t wait to work with you! And a website that you love, and works for you, not against you. 

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Creating A Movement Through Cannabis Infused Wellness Retreats with Michelle Pace

about michelle

Michelle is the founder of The High Vibrations Retreat, a cannabis-infused wellness retreat for women! Michelle helps women change their vibration by meditating, practicing yoga, receiving reiki, and several other healing modalities. Adding cannabis during healing sessions may allows her clients to go deeper, making even bigger impacts. Her retreat is designed to help women increase their vibration to its highest potential, unleashing YOUR highest potential! 

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Improve How You Show Up For Others by Holding Yourself Accountable with Violeta Potter

about violeta

Violeta Potter is a high-level business strategist, copywriter, mentor, author, writer, and speaker. She has a vision that equality for all will be possible when all people reconnect to the humanity that binds us together. Her goal is to create a better more equal world for future generations of minority children. Violeta serves her vision by business and mindset consulting services to women of color and the allies who support this cause, as well through running high-level masterminds and using her privilege to speak to audiences on a mass scale. Learn more about Violeta and her work by visiting

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How to Stay Spiritually and Soulfully Aligned as an Ambitious Mom with Susanna Esther Kashiemer

about susanna

I’m Susanna Esther Kashiemer, a Freedom Coach & Mindset Maven, who helps brilliant women like you ignite FREEDOM in your inner world SO THAT TOGETHER, we can IGNITE Freedom in our world. I do this by helping you to activate your gifts, strengths & the connection already inside of you TO Divine source, and in doing so, unlock your authentic identity and destiny, so you can live the life you were meant to & have the impact you were created for.

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